Waterproofing membrane with vapour barrier function

PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE ZERO V.B. are pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane for specific use as a total barrier to the passage of vapour. PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE ZERO V.B. has a continuous single strand composite woven non woven polyester reinforcement with high mechanical characteristics and an aluminium film which allows to obtain a barrier to the transmission of vapour. The lower face of PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE V.B. is protected with a removable silicon release film. The upper face is self protected with micro mineral slates that offer good walkability and improve grip of TECA adhesives (Millennium One Step, Pratiko Mastic, Bit Adhesive, etc.) for the adhesion of insulating panels; furthermore a removable side selvedge of 10 cm is foreseen. In the stratigraphy of the roof, PLURA AUTOADESIVO ZERO V.B. must be applied under the insulating panel, in order to preserve the latter from the condensation phenomena of water vapor, which certainly occurs, as the roof operating conditions change. PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE ZERO V.B. is an innovative self-adhesive with increased adhesiveness, enhanced resistance of the adhesion to aging and the cold (the product maintain good adhesion even at low temperatures).